Upgrading your Spotify account to Premium is a simple two-step process:

Step 1) Purchase an upgrade key. Store this key carefully as you will need it in the future, if you require replacements.

Step 2) Redeem the key on the upgrade page. Your provided details will be used to join a Premium Family on your behalf using our automatic upgrade algorithm.

Note: Please do not close the page while the upgrade is in progress. Keep an eye out on the top-right of the window for notifications during the process. The upgrade process can take upto 3 minutes.

If you lose Premium with a purchase that includes warranty, you can get an instant Replacement.

Requirements: A free Spotify account that has not been in a premium family before (can be created at


💲 Silver Tier 💲

Get the taste of Spotify Premium with this one-time purchase.

- 1 Upgrade Key (upgrades one account).
- No warranty.
- Access to automatic upgrader.
- Premium lasts at-least 30 days.

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👑 Gold Tier 👑

Join the Spotify Gold family with this lifetime Spotify upgrade.

- 1 Upgrade Key (upgrades one account).
- Lifetime warranty.
- Access to automatic upgrader.
- Premium lasts forever.

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💎 Diamond Tier 💎

Help your friends and family beat the annoying ads, at a discount.

- 5 Upgrade Keys.
- Lifetime warranty.
- Access to automatic upgrader.
- Premium lasts forever.

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1) Is the payment safe?
- All the payments are processed by our trusted e-commerce partner, Sellix. All your data is saved securely in their servers and in case of issues regarding a payment, 24/7 customer support is available.

2) Is my data safe?
- All user data is securely stored in a private database. We only collect as much data as we really need. Moreover, as a safety measure, the Spotify account password entered on the Upgrade and Replacement pages is not stored anywhere.

3) Is this a scam?
- Absolutely not, but don't take our word. Join our Discord server and head over to the #vouches channel to see all the reviews we've had from buyers. And yes, they're real :)

4) What if I do not receive anything upon payment?
- As soon as Sellix detects the payment, it instantly shows you the upgrade key. It's impossible to not receive the goods upon a successful payment.

5) What If I lose Premium after some days?
- Don't panic, it's fairly normal to get kicked from the premium family once in a while. Simply head over to the Replacement page and enter the details. Your account will be re-upgraded instantly.

6) How do I reach you?
- You can contact us on Discord by joining the official server from the link provided below. Feel free to ask any questions in the server, or send the admins a direct message.

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